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I've tried everything I know and everything I've found to prevent IE Edge! from caching: cache:false within the ajax params add manually a timestamp in the call set ajaxSetup change request m. Steps to reproduce In php.ini set session.cache_limiter= emptystring to disable sending any cache headers, oc sends them itself. if using this option PHP generates Pragma headers which may contradict what the Cache-Control headers used. 04/04/2018 · I’ve recently stumbled across the old problem Internet Explorer has while testing a web app built with Angular: it caches all the GET requests. Angular is based on AJAX requests, and IE is heavily caching those more details about this issue here. This means that a user using IE won’t be able. Let us solve the Cache issue while calling AJAX queries in IE Internet Explorer. IE caches the AJAX request made by the webpage hence it serve same content every time we call this URL. 07/08/2014 · On every ajax request IE11 sends request header with 'Cache-Control: no-cache'. Ajax requests not getting served from cache. [Answered] RSS.

24/12/2013 · I think my code is fine, it worked pre-IE11. Something in IE11 has changed to break it. The code still works with Google Chrome if only Google would write a decent OS! Oh for an OS that doesn't think that my role in all this is to make sure that the PC doesn't get turned off during updates. After a lot of research, the only solution I could come up with that works, was to use a setTimeout to cause the AJAX request to trigger after 1 millisecond, instead of instantly. I presume this is some bug in IE11, but hopefully this solution will be useful to someone. In the end, I changed this code. Internet Explorer(IE)は何かと他のモダンブラウザと違う挙動が多く、苦労させられることが多いです。特に近年SPAの需要が高まってきており、IEには困らされてばかりです。今回は、そんなIEの11で、JavaScriptのHTTPクライアントライブラリからAPIを叩こう.

ajaxで非同期に実行させます。 Chrome、Firefoxで正常に動作したので出来上がりと思っていたら、IE11で動かないことが判明しました。 最初は表示されたので大丈夫と思ったのですが、その後は実行しても反応しません。. jQuery.ajax を使ってGETでリソースにアクセスした場合、IEでは2回目以降のリクエストが実際には発行されずにキャッシュされた結果が使われてしまいます。. 先週、客先からAjaxで動的に表示しているメニューが表示されなくなったという連絡がありました。 こちらでは正常に表示されているし、客先でも一部のみのPCしか表示されないという連絡があり調べてみ.

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